Sunday, July 30, 2006

Novi Val

The truth has something to do with losing our naivete: there is no Santa Claus, your best friend is screwing your high school boyfriend, you can't handle mixing pot and booze. They ask us to reorient our view of ourselves and our relationships: my parents are deceptive, I still love my presents; my best friend is a slut, my boyfriend is a jerk, and I am dumb; I'm a lush, not a stoner. Here is one for marketing academics: there was consumer culture in state socialism; fashion isn't exclusive to capitalism, class happens in other places.

Here are a few links, the first one to a song I like very much, "A sta da radim" by Azra, released in 1979. They are from Zagreb, they were the leaders of Zagreb's New Wave scene in that period. There is a great rockumentary about this scene is Sretno dijete (The Happy Child) directed by Igor Mirkovic, 2003. I'm not sure how this relates to any of the first paragraph. Maybe because this is the audio I will use at an upcoming conference.

So, enjoy the music, cya.