Monday, April 07, 2008

Colbert, REM, and GenX

My favorite band is REM. Here is the interview on Colbert Report:
I think Colbert has a crush on REM. Can't blame him, they are the best. Check out what he says around 2.20 minutes about this as a "comeback" album. I will buy this album at the end of this week, when I have chapter 2 of my dissertation written and receive the feedback.

I listened to REM when I was in high school, college, after, and now. I like the combination of blues, etc. Wow. And they toured with RATT in the 80s and are influenced by Patti Smith.

And I, like most GenX people, am nostalgic. REM is a GenX band for sure. It is a sound and an attitude, a position. It was of a time. It can communicate something valuable from that time to the present.

There is the MasterCard, "priceless" campaign. I heard the idea came as focus groups were talking about relationships and having a life with at least some meaning. Probably these were GenX people. The advertising agency involved talked about how this is a new emphasis in people's lives, but I think it resonates with GenX. And it is a commentary on society that once saw us as slackers and now embraces our views. Is this because we are older now, with more money, and are taken seriously?

I think Colbert is GenX, by his age and attitude.