Thursday, April 10, 2008

My favorite film from Croatia

My favorite film from Croatia is "Blagajnica hoće ići na more". (2000)
It has a very dark humor, a great soundtrack, many cameo appearances, and many references to local pop culture. It is also a critique of class divisions in Zagreb at that time. It points out the well known fact that most of the work in Croatia is done by women. You know all this as you watch and you continue to laugh.
Many people would say "Tko pjeva zlo ne misli" (1970) is their favorite film, and I have been to the location in Gorni Grad where it was filmed way back when, hasn't changed at all. It is a good film, of another way of life. Families and Saturdays spent on outings (izlet). Well, some of that continues. But I like Blagajnica better for the humor. It is just interesting to watch the two together and see how audience perceptions of how people live and what can be seen.